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Flat Front
Formal Trousers
A stylish alternative to traditional, pleated formal trousers.
Adjustable waist for maximum comfort.
Some styles are tailored with a unique, beaded stripe down the leg.*
Colors and Styles Available:
Black, 100% Burlington Wool*
Black, Super 100's Wool*
White, 100% Polyester*
Chocolate, 100% Worsted Wool
Steel Grey, 55/45 Super Fine Wool Blend
Heather Grey, Super 100's Wool
Tan, Ultra Fine Poly/Wool Blend
Waist Sizes Available:
Boys' size 18 to Men's size 65
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Coordinating Flat Front Trousers with Tuxedos:
To see how a pair of flat front trousers looks with your favorite tuxedo, utilize The Tuxedo Builder to put the items together on screen.
Likewise, your Jim's Formal Wear Retailer can give you expert advice on coordinating your tuxedo; don't hesitate to visit your nearest JFW Retailer!